The Show

Highlights - SHOW 2018

Alexander Jones, Ballett
We are Proud to have Alexander as Guest at the Sommereis Show 2018.
Stephane Walker, Figure Skating
multiple Swiss Champion, European and World athlete.
Cecilia Garcia, Violoncello
We are proud to have at the SommerEis 2018 the musical accompaniment of Cecilia.

Great music, great performer, amazing combination with ice skating.
Giulia Isceri, Figure Skating
Former Swiss Junior Champion and member of Junior National team. Actually touring with Holiday on Ice.
GB* Connection, LIVE Band Music
GB* Connection will join the show and accompany the young musicians and dancers.

Emanuele Esposti, Piano
Leon Duncan, Bass
Edo Leonardi, Guitar
Giorgio Barbera, Drums
, Vocal
Childrens Choir ‚animato‘
Childrens Choir ‚animato‘ – directed by Stephan Lauffer

Girls and boys from first to 6th Grade will sing various songs. for the skaters and dancers on stage. Great combination of art and sport.
Skate Academy Skaters
Skaters from Skate Academy from beginner to Elite Level skaters will show their skills on the ice.
Tanz+ Zwicky dancers
Young and older dancers will show their dancing skills being accompanied by the music of the RMD students. They will present various dance styles from Classical Ballet to HipHop, Breakdance, Musical and more.
Students of RMD
Students of RMD will take sing and make music for the skaters and dancers on stage. Great combination of art and sport.
AfterShow / EisPlausch
After the Show on Saturday evening, visitors may enter the ice and skate on while enjoying live music by our Guest Band. You may bring your own skates or you can rent (10.- CHF per person) while at the Show.
a symbiose of ice skating, dance and music....

Videos - SHOW 2018


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